Month: May 2017

Surrogate Home EP Launch

For the past few months, The Reeds have been honing their sound as the house band for the Admiral Hardy’s Open Mic Night in Greenwich. We are thrilled to make our new EP recording available at last for your listening pleasure. Here it is:

The first track, Surrogate Home, is a song I wrote around 2014 and have been revising and perfecting since. It is a song about finding oneself and building a life independent of societal expectations.

Learning to Sing in the Dark is a hybrid song, consisting of a chorus I wrote for my teenaged band when I was 17 about a girl I fancied and some riffs and verses I wrote earlier this year.

Lovesick Lonely (working title Human Nature, scrapped for Michael Jackson-related reasons) is a new song which I began working on in December last year. It explores depression, addiction and desire.


To launch the EP, The Reeds returned to the stage at the New Cross Inn for the second time this year. Here’s a little taster of our live set:

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